In conventional terms, the hedge funds managed by Dean Capital Investments Management (“DCI”) trade and invest in commodities, stocks, bonds, and derivatives in markets across the globe.  We take long and short positions, in liquid and illiquid markets.  Our goal is superior returns relative to risk.

In practical terms, however, DCI is not a conventional investment firm.  Our funds are primarily our own and our investment goals reflect that.  While the investment expertise of DCI and its affiliates is comprised of over 60 professionals with over 300 years of combined investment and trading experience, we have a culture and skill set distinct from the “Wall Street” establishment.  While our approach employs big data and quantitative analytic core competence, we are not technical or high frequency traders.

Our investment objective is designed to have high cumulative returns relative to the risk of significant and protracted drawdowns.  This doesn’t avoid smaller, well-behaved risk, which we manage in a balanced portfolio.  In fact, we believe that absorbing this risk can be the source of high cumulative returns.

DCI’s most important investment is in intellectual capital – people, analysis, data and systems – organized against niche markets.

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