Hiring Process

At DCI, there is no required background or prerequisite experience.  We are looking for exceptional individuals, and our hiring process allows us to cast a wide net in our search for these candidates.  Each fall, we visit a handful of schools across the country; for those select schools where we have close historic relationships, there is a well-defined on-campus recruiting process.  Our employees also can come from campuses that we are not able to visit, or are hired outside of the traditional Fall interviewing schedule.  Our off-campus recruiting process provides us the necessary logistical wherewithal to identify and hire sharp minds across the country whenever they apply.  While our employees are without equal, we are an equal opportunity employer.

On the select campuses we visit, candidates have an opportunity to speak with our employees at career fairs to learn more about DCI.  To apply for a position, applicants should submit all required materials through their school’s recruiting portal.  Selected candidates will meet with us for a first-round on-campus interview; a set of second round interviews will be conducted on a separate day.  Our interview process is designed to assess candidates’ problem solving, analytical, and communication skills.  Those candidates receiving an offer will be invited to visit us at our office to learn more about working at DCI.

DCI welcomes all qualified applicants.  For those unable to interview with DCI on campus, we have a process in place to ensure that talent does not go unnoticed.

At a number of campuses that we do not visit, we coordinate with career centers to display job postings, so applicants from these schools should find us on their school’s recruiting portal (e.g., MonsterTRAK).

For those from institutions that we have not coordinated with, applications should be submitted directly to us and should comprise of a cover letter, transcript, and a resume.  

We also consider candidates who are already in the workforce.  These candidates should also submit applications directly to us and should include a cover letter, transcript, and a resume.

Select applicants that demonstrate a high likelihood of success with DCI will be invited to participate in any of a number of the following recruiting channels: a battery of on-line brain teasers and short response questions, a phone interview with a DCI employee, and a round of in-office interviews.

At our sole discretion, we will make offers to qualified applicants at either the Analyst or Associate level, based on factors including but not limited to their education and prior experience.  We strongly suggest that candidates receiving offers visit our office to learn more about employment at DCI, and to experience firsthand the metropolitan Washington, DC area.

If you are interested in applying for a position with DCI, please refer to the On-Campus and Off-Campus overviews for the appropriate channel for your application submission, or apply by e-mail.

For further questions about DCIour work, or the hiring processplease contact us.

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